The British Chinese community


The British Chinese community is known as the silent minority, and Dimsum’s vision is to enable British Chinese to develop its voice, and to encourage debate and discussion through our website. Our new features will make this vision a reality as our readers engage with each other more closely online.

Dimsum is now more compelling and more stimulating than ever before with a newly expanded `resources section`, up-to-the-minute news, simpler navigation and themed topics. Dimsum also makes use of the latest technology so that our readers can keep up to date through RSS feeds.

Dimsum has matured into a truly global community website with an inspiring new section on `Life in China` featuring regular columns by British and Chinese journalists who live and work in the world`s fastest-rising economy. Technology is also at the forefront with a new thought-provoking section featuring in-depth analyses on technological developments in Europe and China.

Dominic Casciani of BBC News Online says, `Dimsum has emerged as one of the leading media voices of the Chinese and South-East Asian communities in the UK. Dimsum is media-savvy and brimming with confidence.`