Lin Tang & Co.Lawyers


The Beijing Office of Lin Tang & Co Lawyers was the sixth Australian law firm licensed by the Ministry of Justice, China, to facilitate Australian people to do business and do it well in China.

We are not just a group of Australian and Chinese lawyers working together to serve for the best interest of you in China in terms of law. We are also boasted with the profound understanding of cultural nuance in between. For instance, liberty may well-regarded having the high value of humanity to an Australian. To a Chinese, it is face. “Fair go” may well be a reality in Australia. In China, it is a dream. Filial piety may appear to be a rare term to an Australian, so rare that many might have never heard of. Yet in China it is a part of daily life. To do business in a different culture could be daunting, certainly more so when the businessperson is from the most classless western society trying to do business in the least classless oriental country. The question we have encountered in not a small frequency is “does yes mean yes?”.

We are in Sydney. We are in Beijing. We are here and there. We are there and here. For you.

We are Australian lawyers born in China. We are Chinese lawyers trained in Australia. What more could you want? If you do, we’ll get it for you.

We say no more. Before we say more, we wish to listen, listen to you carefully. You are in the hands of a group of initiator, facilitator and Mr. and Ms Fix-it.