Web Hosting Checker

Hong Kong

Web Hosting Checker + Whois is available on www.webhostingwhois.com. Simply enter the website address / URL in our Hosting Checker`s Input/Url field, and it will display the server IP address, the time zone on the server, the domain name and the name of the hosting service provider. Where possible, it tries to determine the host`s operating system and the web server`s online/offline status, too.

It can also provide other information about the entered site. It can tell the type of service being used, the location of the service provider, the servers on which the hosting service is being provided, and in certain cases the details of the domain owner and the email address.
It`s a handy tool for SEOs, website owners and webmasters. They want to know exactly where their service is being hosted from, and if it is in a secure location and well-managed.